African violet: Charming Purple and Easy in Propagation


African violet is a kind of plant that is also known as Saintpaulias. Ii is one of the members of Gesneraceae family. The home of this plant is Tanzania. This plant can be grown both in indoor or outdoor place. Some of the species are dangerous. About the size of this plant, it can grow six to fifteen centimeters. For the width, it can reach 6 to 30 centimeters. The characters of the leaves are oval (rounded). The leaves have length about 2.5-8.5 centimeters. The flowers grow in the cluster with diameter about 2-3 centimeters.

African violet variety
The African violet can be divided into several types based on the size appear. The size is measured by the above ground diameter. They are large, standard, semi mini, super mini, and micro. The species may also have some colors of the flowers; they are white, blue, violet and purple. African violet purple is the most popular one based on the number of selling. It is because this kind of flower is charming and has good color.

African violet has a special character. It is very sensitive if the temperature around changes. It is not good to put this flower in a very cold temperature. The cold temperature can trigger the leaf cooling. When the leaves are in the cold condition, the color will be weakened. Then it will not be as bright as before.

How African violet grow?
The African violet grows in some ways. The easiest way is cutting, and the other is by division. The African violet propagation technique is considered to be a popular way because is it fast and practice. The first step is choosing the leaf that you want to cut. It is better for you to choose a not very big and not too small, average. Then cut it about an inch. Provide a glass or container likely, and then fill it with water. Add a leaf to the glass with wax paper (held the leaf). Make sure that the bottom of the African violet leaf touches the water so it can absorb the water to grow. Then put it under the proper light for growing plant (not full sunlight).

This flower that comes from Tanzania has its popular species (the purple one) and can live in both outdoors and indoors. It is important to notice the temperature of the area because the African violet doesn’t tolerate the very cold temperature.

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