Alyssum Flower: Beautiful Meaning with Gently Care Flower


Alyssum flower is the genus of the hundreds species that are originally come from Asia, Europe and Africa. But in the native place, this kind of plants is not really popular. It precisely can be found in North America. The people there like the plant as decoration ornament. It has various colors. The colors are white, purple, yellow and the most girl like, pink. It has the leaves those are oval and long. In United States, this flower becomes decoration flower too. But it just can live annually and will end their live in the cold winter season.

Alicia Keys got her name after Alyssum flower
Alyssum has about 170 species. The height of this plant is around, and maximum can reach 100 centimeters. Besides using the Alyssum flower as decoration, people usually adore the name of that plant. The Alyssum flower meaning is beauty. Some parents give their baby girl after this botanical plant. It is a kind of prayer that their child is hoped to be a strong and beautiful girl. A well-known musician, Alicia Keys, also has this flower name. Alicia is the Spanish version which means noble sort. Alysson is also one of the translations (in Greek).

One of the popular species of Alyssum flower is Lobularia Maritima (also called sweet Alyssum). It is usually used to beautify a room. It is fragrant so the people not just can see but smell its fragrance.

Planting Alyssum flower
Now, let’s be a farmer to plant Alyssum flower. The best time to plant is in the early spring. Choose a place where the plant can get morning sun. Water the plant 3 or 4 times a week to get the best Alyssum flower care. Do this only in the first to three weeks of growth. Spread water on the plant in dry summer in order to prevent wilting. Then give the plant fertilizer then sprinkle it with a little water.

Giving the fertilizer in winter is not beneficial, because the plant will not use it. To save the fertilizer, avoid giving it in winter. It is the target of caterpillars because they need it as their food. To keep your perennial from caterpillars attack, you should keep you flowers out from the area where caterpillars live of putting some germs killer. The fragrance and the beauty attract people. The room also has a better look by putting some of Alyssum flower spread in every corner of the room.

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