Amaryllis care and Planting Easy Tips for You


If you are interested in the Amaryllis care and planting here, you need to prepare several tools to be used in planting this flower. Before caring the flower, you need to plant in the exact time so you know when the planting season and time to wait the flower completely to bloom. This flower is originated from South America. You can find a lot of variety colors here include the red, white, salmon, orange and pink. Some even make a combination on this with a white shade.

Amaryllis care Preparation
If you want to do Amaryllis planting and care in your home, then you need to prepare the bulb of the plants. This bulb should be placed in a luke warm water for few hours. You need to store this bulb in a cool temperature. Remember that the larger bulb will produce more flower blooms. The Amaryllis planting season is in October to end of April. You need to wait about 7 weeks for the flower to bloom.

Amaryllis Care Details
In planting the Amaryllis, you need to plant the bulb containing the shed up to the neck. In the pot you need to put nutritious compost and please be careful so you will not damage the roots as you do Amaryllis care. Then press the soil down to make the bulb secure in the pot. The period of flowering is about 7 to 10 weeks and can be longer in winter season.

The Amaryllis planting tips continued on how to care the flower if the flower is bloomed already. You can cut some of the stems to make the flower blooms once again. You also can cut the old plants if it doesn’t flower anymore. You need to keep watering and fertilizing the plants for about 5-6 month just like in the summer so the leaves will grow perfectly. You need to cut the leaves if the leaves get yellow for the Amaryllis care and planting.

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