Anemone Flower: The Flexible Season and Easy Care Flower


Anemone flower is a plant in the family Ranunculaceae. About 120 species are in the subspecies of anemone. This botany has relation to hepatica and pasque. This blossom has another name that is very famous. It is wind flower. The leaves of anemone are the kinds of simple long leaf stems. Each has a maximum about 27 sepals with any color. Besides, the plants also have fruits. The shape of the fruits is like egg. They are collected in a tight cluster.

The Time of Anemone Flower
As mentioned, anemone has subspecies those are about 150 species. The ten species out of other 150 species are afghanica, alpina, altaica, airei, cylindrica, chinensis, hortensis, rivularis, riparia and coronaria. This beautiful perennial species have the time for blooming. But, it has its main season to grow. The two season of anemone flower season those usually easily to find this flower are spring and fall. But you can also find the anemone flower in the other seasons. For example, you can easily find the species coronaria in the summer season, and hupehensis can be found in summer and autumn seasons.

Planting this flora is not as easy as eating, but not as difficult as climbing a mountain. There are so many species of the anemone flower that become idols in gardening. Many of those not just can grow in the spring and fall but the early spring into autumn. For you who really want to cultivate anemone, you have to plan the time. In the spring, it is good for you to plant blanda or nemorosa. In summer and autumn season, the best species for you to plant is hupehensis. Furthermore, you also have to provide the best soil to plant it. The best soil for planting this thing is a loamy soil. Like human, plants also need vitamin. You can add compost to the soil to make it better for anemone to grow.


How to Take Care of Anemone Flower
The best time to cut the anemone flower is the time when it is very cold. Knowing the best temperature, we also know that the best time is in the early morning. To keep it fresh, you have to give the right anemone flower care. Place it in the room temperature water. And don’t let the sepals get the direct sunlight. It can be alive for 9 days after cutting. Because the species are being the target of larva and cutworm, you have to protect the plants.
That beautiful flower can give you its beauty. The plants are also flexible because some species can grow in some season, and some other can grow in other different season to. It is great to know anemone flower.

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