Anthurium Flower: American Plants with Temperature Care


Anthurium flower is a kind of flower that has abundant species. Imagine, it has about a thousand species (or maybe more). This kind of flower is also known as the largest genus in Araceae family. It also has four varieties of names they are flamingo, lace leaf, tail flower and Anthurium (itself). This plant has clustered leaves with various shapes. This plant originally comes from America continent. The states of America continent where you can find this kind of flower are parts of Caribbean, Mexico and Argentina.

How to cultivate Anthurium flower
Some species of Anthurium flower can be planted in your home. It can also be planted outdoors in mild climates. To get the best cultivation of this Anthurium flower, you can use pots (in mild climates). The Anthurium plants grow well in moist soils. The existence of high organic matter in the soil also makes it better.

The Anthurium flower propagation can be done by planting the seeds. But you can also doing the vegetation through cuttings. Besides adoring these plants, you have to be careful too. These plants are poisonous. There are calcium oxalate crystals in the plants. It is better for you to use a glove while you want to give treatment to the plants. The water or the sap of Anthurium can irritate your eyes and skin easily.

Caring the Anthurium flower
If you have Anthurium flower in your home, set the temperature of you home properly. These plants can survive in 16°C-22°C. For the night, Athurium survive in 70°-75° F. The very hot temperature (for this plant) is more than 90°F. If the temperature reaches the number, this plant life can be reduced. The very cold temperature also can affect the growth of the plant because this plant can’t tolerate freeze and cold. If this happens, the leaves and the flower will be slow. The color also can be affected. You also have to set the light because it needs lower light (not like the other). You can also give Anthurium flower care by clean the leaves from the dust and insect.

Those are the steps for you if you want to plant anthurium. But you have to use gloves always to protect yourself from the sap or the water produced by them. If you use it as a houseplant, you have to notice the light and temperature. The temperature determines the growth and the color of your anthurium flower.

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