Best Treatment for Stargazer Lily to Grow Well


Stargazer lily is a plant species included in one of lily plant families. This plant can be found in many areas. The most numerous areas where lily lives are Japan, Asia and Europe. Balanced soil acidity is the most suitable place for lily to grow. Well, for those of you who may have lily in the house but do not know how to treat them, here we provide some tips especially for stargazer lily. You have to apply fertilizer. When currently lily roots begin to grow, add a balanced fertilizer into the soil. Lily is a strong enough plant and does not require a lot of fertilizer. Even if there is much nitrogen, it can make the stems weak. Hot temperatures will also cause the decay of the bulbs. For optimal results, choose a fertilizer used to grow potatoes. Fertilize at the first time when the roots begin to grow, then again a month later.

Give enough water for lily. Lily generally does not require too much water. Therefore, give water only if necessary. Stargazer lily blooms in hot and dry weather as long as enough water during flowering. This Lily needs water during the summer, because this type of lily will not bloom until August. Providing mulch throughout the summer will help to cool down the bulbs, thereby reducing the need for water. Protect Lily from cold temperatures. Throughout the winter, cover it with straw or branches to protect the bulbs from freezing. Crop lily plants regularly. During the flowering season, prune your plants, and leave at least 2/3 lily stem intact so your plants can still grow well during the next years.

Lilies like sun and the bottom (root) likes cool atmosphere. Since you plant the lily flower, place it directly to sunlight (not bright). Let the morning sun fits all. Planting bulbs (the seed) does not need to be watered every day. It can be 2-3 days, after the plants grow, you can water it more. As long as the flower has not yet appeared, you could put it in the direct sunlight. Do not let the drought. However, do not get too excessive watering because the tuber can rot. Water it 1-2 days. It depends on the heat. It can be watered every day also. Soak it in a bucket of water two weeks. It will make the bottom absorbing water well. Water it from the top to the tuber rot. The water is not necessarily for the roots. This is only if the lily flowers planted in pots. You can also water it using mixed liquid fertilizer.

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