Blue Flowers: Naturally Rare but Has Great Meaning


Blue flowers are very famous in German. One of the authors uses it as a symbol in his work, Heinrich von Ofterdingen. The story tells us about Heinrich von Ofterdingen that dreams about these blue flowers after meeting with someone who is strange for him. Then this condition attracts his attention. Maybe you will think that this plant with its color doesn’t exist. You see the common flowers have red, pink, yellow or purple colors.

Blue Flowers Are Not Just In a Story
Some other might think that because of the symbol and the story written by a German author, blue flowers just exist in the story or the Alice, in Wonderland. Also, when people order a bouquet of blue orchids, the florist officer dyed the orchid with this rare color. However, there are natural blue flowers that exist in this world (although they are hard to find). Here, the two kinds will be mentioned.

One of the blue flowers that are famous in Texas is bluebonnet. It is famous there because this blossom is the Texas state symbol. The size is precisely small and only grows to one foot. This flora is recognized to be a wildflower. However the good thing is the area where it grows can be marked. The other kind is Delphinium. Different with the previous one and the most floras, Delphinium needs extra feeding. The plant loves the sunlight in a whole day. However it needs one year to increase. It will grow on the next year.

Blue Flowers Images
Blue flowers have full of inspiration. The images this botany brings those are love, desire, and infinite. Then the other symbolization are hoped and the precious side of things. In Heinrich von Ofterdingen, the blue flowers meaning are often associated with the unity of the spirit and human nature. It focuses on the emotion. The feeling and thinking of someone are based on the self. Then the self-development and the two things lead the person. It can be derived that nature and self are the two different things those are linked.

The plants have the crucial symbolization that link the universe with us as a human being. Maybe the rareness makes it so unique among the other botany. Although it is hard to find, but some species do grow. So once again, its rareness cannot erase the magic formula of blue flowers.

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