Bougainvillea Flower Structure a Close up View


The wide spread of the Bougainvillea Flower Structure flower is not only from its origin in the tropical area, but also a lot of places in other countries. You can see it detailed and in the hot of close up here. This flower can be found in a huge tall flowers as well as just spread in the wall or the fence. There is also hybrid flower that you can see in the series of this flower.

Bougainvillea Flower Structure Overview
The Bougainvillea Flower Structure in glance is just like the wooden plants. This flower can have a different shape of leaves and have the parallel vein pattern. The flower grows in every branch. Once you cut the branch you can get new leaves that also can grow in another branch. At first the flower may seem new leaves but then it will grow to be a colored Bougainville. The Bougainvillea Flower Structure complete shown as the root, stem and flower structure.

Bougainvillea Flower Structure Details
The Bougainvillea Flower Structure is actually similar with the leaves. Even in the Bougainvillea Flower Structure microscopic you can see the vein structured design on both leaves and flowers. The difference lies on the leaves thickness, since the leaves have the two layers with the glossy green in front and the cloudy one bellow. While the flower is somehow thin and fragile with colored pattern.

The flower is just like a collection of the leaves, with one part of the group of flowers consist of three or more flowers design. Each of petals can have one opened corolla tube and two or more closed corolla tube. If the tube is opened then you can see yellow anthers and pale green filaments here. This inner structure is a crucial part of the reproductions of the flower design. With one petal has three corolla tube, you can see why the flowers can grow fast.


That’s the common Bougainvillea Flower Structure.
Bougainvillea Flower Structure is special floral design that you can find mostly in tropical area. This flower is easy to grow whether in small pot or spread in wall.

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