Calla Lily Flower general Description and Facts


The Calla Lily Flower we commonly see in a wedding is called as Zantedeschia aethiopica scientifically and also known as the arum lily, varkoor or even pig ears in Africa. This flower is firstly found in Southern of Africa. You can cultivate this flower in a ponds or banks, and this plant can grow about two up to three feet tall. This flower has a large clumps with green leaves which can stand for about 45 cm long above the white petals. This pure white petal here has yellow spadix up to 3inch long in the center of the flower.

Calla Lily Flower Habitat
You can find the Calla Lily Flower in African countries and naturalized in the western part of Australia that has water and sandy soils as the habitat of this flower is in ponds or banks. In British and United States this flower can grow about 90cm tall with a cool climate. This flower is indeed really good to be cultivated in a cool season and with the adequate amount of water in the pond or bank.

Calla Lily Flower Variety
There are a lot of names of the Calla Lily Flower and cultivated differently. The Green goddess for example, has the wider spathe or petal with a slight green list on the Calla Lily Flower colors. This also has a curly petal than the common white lilies that we can see. The red desire is the lily that has a red petal design that is quite rare.

This lily is really important and the Calla Lily Flower meaning a lot for the Irish republican since 1962 to commemorate the fallen of Easter in 1916. Internationally, this flower is used for the wedding ceremony as the bouquet because this flower symbolizes the pure love and the elegance of the bride with the Calla Lily Flower.

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