Care for Azalea both Indoor and Outdoor Azalea


Planting azalea and making it as part of the beautiful aspect in your house means that you have to take care of them and there are some things you can do as the realization of your care for azalea. Caring for azalea is not too difficult. As usual, caring for plants comprises watering, fertilizing, lighting, pruning, etc. Whether you grow your azalea outdoor or indoor, the caring routines are nearly the same. You can do the following things representing care for azalea for your own azalea at home.

Care for Azalea: Caring Outdoor Azalea
You can plant your azalea both in open garden outside your house building or in a pot and put inside your house. Caring outdoor azalea and indoor azalea is a bit different. As part of your care or azalea, you need to water it regularly. The best time to water your azalea is in the morning. Thus, it has a whole during the daylight to absorb the water and before night, they are already dry. Getting wet at night will only cause the growth of mold. This flower absorbs the water through its leaves. So, it will be better for you to wet the leaves. However, you should also water the area around its roots.

Care for azalea in relation to watering is very important during the dry season. Although your azalea has good self-maintenance after it is established, you have to pay attention to its need of water during the dry season. You do not need to water it all the time. It will give you a sign that is wilting. Besides watering, the other important thing in caring azalea is fertilizing. For fertilization, the best time is after the flowers fade. You can use fertilizer that can be sprayed. Another important thing is pruning deciduous branches.

Care for Azalea: Caring Indoor Azalea
Caring indoor azalea is nearly the same with outdoor azalea. Watering is still being part of the care for azalea. However, watering azalea indoor is different from outdoor azalea. It is because it is put in a pot. For you to give good watering, you should make sure that the pot is completed with drainage hole.

In relation with fertilizer, give your azalea with fertilizer containing high potassium. Fertilize it one in two weeks when it is in growing stage. When it gets yellow, it means that it needs fertilization. You also have to prune your indoor azalea. It will help it to have more flowers when it blooms again. Prune your azalea after its flowering time over. Those are some things you can do to show your care for azalea, your azalea.

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