Cultivating Star Gazer Lily for Various Purposes


Star gazer lily is a beautiful flower. Finding this very pretty flower plant is not difficult. It is because generally this plant can be found in some areas such as the mountains, swamps, in a place that contained the bushes, and in the woods. After the flowers appear, it will look more beautiful in the morning. After the flowers finish blooming, the flower will be fallen. The trunk leaves it alone and it does not to be watered again. Here are some ways to take care of this kind of lily.

After the flowering period is finished, put it in the corner of the house. It does not need the sun again. Therefore, give a quiet period for the plants. You do not also need to water it again. After a quiet period of 1-2 months, the potted star gazer lily plant is ready to be dismantled and ready for harvest. Cut the trunk. Unload pot and replace with new soil. If the roots are too long, you can cut it, leaving only a few centimeters roots for the next growth. Put it on water about half hour and plant it in the new land. If the treatment is good, we will find many tillers lilies. Separate them from its mother, plant in smaller pots. Plant it according to the type and name. Therefore, we still know the name of the flower. Treat it like a new seedling. Fertilize it once a year.

For optimal water drainage, make a mound of Star gazer lily with potting soil. The mound should be at least 13 cm above the ground and also large enough to plant lily bulbs as per the instructions. This will work well especially if you plant the lily in an area that cannot be dried immediately after a rain. Lily can be planted at any time throughout the year as long as the ground is not solid. In its first year, the lily will probably be late blooming, but the next year will be blooming around June.

Star gazer lily has many benefits. They are as the decorative flowers for weddings, the inauguration, also and as beautiful bouquet. As a cosmetic ingredient, it is generally found in legumes and grains. It serves to inhibit cancer growth and helps to regulate cholesterol levels. Some cosmetic products utilizes lily to prevent the growth of cancer cells in the skin especially if the skin is too often exposed to direct sunlight. With so many benefits, it is no wonder that many people cultivate lily for various purposes.

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