Daisies: Taking Care the Perennials Flower


Daisies are the herbaceous flowers with the image of loyalty. They are simple but very brilliant in color. They usually used as gift to show the pure intention.

Take care of daisies
The look of daisies is delicate. But daisies care is not very hard to do. They are very flexible. They can bloom in any soil. But you have to make sure that those places are well drained. They can accompany you for years as the prize for your good care. You can cut them and put them in the. They can be combined with the other flowers or ornament. But, combining with roses makes them stunning.


Daisies have to be placed in the area where they can get sunlight for 6 hours each day. They not just can live in the soil, but they can live even in the sandy soil. The most important for them is just water. When they’re dried, they can maintain their basic shape and their own color. It can create a brand new look. Daisies also can be bloomed again if you cut the back some inches and then make it contact the water. But the amount of the flowers for this second life would not be as many as the first bloom.

Planting daisies
To plant daisies, you need some materials. They are rake, fertilizer, mulch and pruning shears. The first things that you have to do are cleaning the area and rake the area. Remove the debris around. Loosen the seeds. It is best to use your fingers. Then spread the seeds onto the raked area. Use it once more to make the distribution of the seeds well.


Cut back the dead leaves with pruning shears. Don’t cut the whole, leave several inches. Water the baby daisies perennials. To avoid the ravage in the winter season, cover them with mulch. In the spring, you have to remove the mulch. Be careful with the seeds. Clean the area from the unwanted things. Check the water too. If the soil is lack of water, supply it properly (not too much). Then add some fertilizer to the soil to make them healthy.

Being a good farmer is not too hard. All we need is just the careful steps, disciplinary and patience. Whatever the plants, we must have those 3 things. Although they are very easy to grow and can be in any place, it doesn’t mean that they are not to be noticed. Treat daisies as good as possible.

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