How to Grow Agapanthus in Pots for Better Protection


You always have the freedom to choose growing your plant in the garden or in pots and if you choose to grow your plant, agapanthus, in pots, you have to know how to grow agapanthus in pots. Growing agapanthus in pots gives you some benefits. One of them is you can give it better protection in cold climate. You can easily move it and place it in warm place. The most suitable pots for agapanthus are terracotta pot. It looks good in it. For better understanding of how to grow agapanthus in pots, you can read the following plating tips for agapanthus.

How to Grow Agapanthus: Planting Agapanthus in Pots
In growing plant, preparing the plant becomes the first thing to do. After that, the thing that you need to prepare in how to grow agapanthus is of course the pots. For this plant, you can use a large terracotta pots. For the growth of the plant, the pots have to own good drainage holes. You may also add broken terracotta at the bottom of the pots. After that, you can fill the pots with compost.

The next is planting the agapanthus. You may plant one only, the large one or some small agapanthus in one pot. Then, you have to cover the roots with compost. However, the compost must not fully fill the pots. Some spaces have to remain for water. Finished with the compost, the next step in how to grow agapanthus is the turn for watering. You can also add mulch to complete this planting stage.

How to Grow Agapanthus: Taking Care the Agapanthus in Pots
You have successfully planting the agapanthus in the pots. Now it is the time to move to the next tips for planting agapanthus in pots. In this second phase of how to grow agapanthus, it is your task to care for the new plant so it can grow well. The first is watering this flower regularly during its time of establishment. This plant is kind of plant that has good ability to stand in dry season. However, in summer, you still have to water it sometimes.

Agapanthus blooms in June, July or August. It is depend on its type. For a new plant, it needs about a year for it to produce flowers. The important thing of caring this flower related to the blooming session is the cutting. After the flowering time over, you have to cut the old stems that are located in the base of the plant. This is to keep it tidy and beautiful. It is to help the plant saving its energy from producing seeds that you don’t need. After knowing how to grow agapanthus in pots, now you can try to grow it in your house.

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