How to Grow Cyclamen, Planting Tips for Long Live Cyclamen


Cyclamen is known to be different from others and you may need to know how to grow cyclamen. Therefore, you can do the right things to do or give the right treatment so it will grow healthy and stay by your side for a long time. Cyclamen itself is a beautiful flower in which the petals of the flower are like shooting star and the leaves are in heart shape. It blooms during cool and damp seasons like in autumn, winter and also spring. It will go dormant during summer. In those two stages, cyclamen needs different treatment to grow. You can find the information of how to grow cyclamen.

How to Grow Cyclamen: Flowering Stage
Growing cyclamen flowering stage will be about how to grow cyclamen during its flowering cycle. Many flowers prefer lots of water but it doesn’t work for cyclamen. For this plant, you have to keep the soil somehow dry but it shouldn’t be wilted. When the soil is dry, you may water it thoroughly but then you should let it drain. The thing you have to remember is it will be better for you for not get the crown wet.

The next concern of how to grow cyclamen is dealing with the cutting. When the flowering season is over, you should cut the stems which are located at the base. It will help the cyclamen to keep blooming. You should also remove the petals that fall and dying leaves. They are usually in yellow color and withering.

How to Grow Cyclamen: Dormant Stage
Growing cyclamen dormant stage is the next stage in growing cyclamen. It is very important for you to know how to grow cyclamen in this stage so you can keep it alive and bloom again. When it comes to spring and the flowers are fading, it is the time for you to stop watering the plant. You just need to let it dry for about 2 until 3 months. This flower goes to its dormant stage.

When the flower gets into its dormant stage, you can just keep it indoors in a cool and dark place. However, the air circulation should be good. You can also let it outside but you have to make sure that it won’t get wet by the is because if the soil is too wet, you will find the tuber rotted. You can start the watering routine in September or when fall comes. You can bring it outside again for it to start the new cycle of live. Those are how to grow cyclamen during its dormant stage.

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