How to Grow Lisianthus in the Garden


How to grow lisianthus is about some tips of growing lisianthus start from planting to caring the flower. Lisianthus is well known for its beautiful shape that like bell. It also has various beautiful colors. In the wild, usually lisianthus comes in blue. Meanwhile, its breeding varieties have many colors. They are blue, pink, lavender, white, and white with pink, purple and lavender. Besides being so beautiful, it is also well known for being difficult to grow. Because of that, growing lisianthus indoor is believed to be better than growing it outside. However, you can also plant it in the garden if you how to grow lisianthus outdoor.

How to Grow Lisianthus: Lisianthus Planting
The basic principles of growing lisianthus indoor and outdoor are actually the same. The first that you have to know in how to grow lisianthus is the planting. There are some things that you have to notice in lisianthus planting. The first is because it is difficult to grow, it will be better for you to not growing it from seed especially if you are beginner. Therefore, you may choose lisianthus that already grows buds or even flowers.

The second important thing in how to grow lisianthus planting stage is the soil. You have to plant the flower in well-draining soil. The soil has also provided the nutrient needed by the flower. Sandy field will be better for this flower. You also have to maintain the pH of the soil. The pH should be in range of 6.5 to 7.0. If pH is lower or higher, the leaves will grow to be yellow and it won’t grow healthy. When the pH is lower than 6.5, you get the pH back to normal by putting some limestones.

How to Grow Lisianthus: Lisianthus Caring
The next stage of how to grow lisianthus will be the caring stage. After planting the flower, it is now the time to care for it so it will grow well. Even in this lisiantus caring stage, you still have to pay attention on the pH level of the soil. Similar with the previous stage, if the pH goes down, you can just mix limestone. The pH level is indeed crucial for this flower to grow healthy.

Next, this flower belongs to plant that needs a lot of sun light for the flowers buds to bloom. However, when it already blooms, you shouldn’t give it too much sun light. It will damage this flower. Third, it needs regular watering. When the soil looks dry, you have to water it directly but you must not soak it. Fourth, every plant needs fertilizer. For lisianthus, you should fertilize it with high potassium fertilizer. The last one that you have to know in how to grow lisianthus is you have to pay attention to pests and fungus.

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