Growing Carnations from Seed and the Caring


Growing carnations in your garden will give your garden a color. This flower also blooms for a long time. That is one of many reasons why people like it. Usually, it blooms from early spring until summer. It may also bloom in September depends on the condition. Carnations have nice fragrance and they come in red, white and pink. Growing carnations is easy to do. Some plants may be hard to cultivate from seed but it is an exception for carnations. You can grow them from seed and it is quite simple. You can also save your money this way. You can refer to the following gardening tips for growing carnations to help you.

Growing Carnations: Seedling Carnations
Growing carnations from seed is not difficult to do but it may also challenge you especially if you are not used to it. You can start your journey of growing carnations by purchasing the seeds, the qualified seeds. The place where you will plant the carnations is the next thing to prepare. The place has to ensure that the carnations will get enough sunlight every day. Your carnations have to get eight hours sunlight exposure each day. If they get less than that, the seeds will grow slowly.

There are two options for you in this first step of growing carnations related to the seeds that are to plant them directly outdoor or plant them indoor first and transplant them outdoor later. Whichever you choose, it is important for not soaking them in water. The seeds will just get drown. If you are going to plan them directly in open garden, plant the seeds one foot away from each other.

Growing Carnations: Caring Carnations
After some times, your seeds will sprout and produce the real plant. Your first attempt in growing carnations is successful. After your plants established, it doesn’t mean that you can just let it grow by them. You have to take care of them. The first is watering. You can water your carnations once or twice in a week.

Second, for them to grow, you have to fertilize them. The fertilization can be done once in a month only. They also need enough sunlight in order to grow well. This plant belongs to plant that needs full sun treatment during the day. That is why it is important for you to prepare the right location for it when you do the seedling especially if you plant them directly outdoor. From the description above, you can see that growing carnations is easy to handle and they can grow well without requiring too much of your attention.

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