Hibiscus Flower: Flower for any Climate


Growing hibiscus flower in your garden will absolutely beautifully your garden. This flower has many bright and attracting colors such as red, pink, orange, yellow, white and purple. Its petals also come in different shape and size. Therefore, planting this flower in different colors and petals is a good option for your garden at home. Besides that, it also easy to plant and does not require too much caring. Nowadays, there are lots of hibiscus flower that are produced by the gardener. Therefore, it has many varieties. Even, some people confused in naming each of them. However, we can classify this flower into two big categories based on the climate of the place where it grows.

Hibiscus Flower: Tropical Hibiscus Flower
We have places in tropical climate and winter climate. Hibiscus flower can survive in each climate but of course not in both climates. There are some that survive in tropical places and the others are able to maintain the freezing air. Just like its name, tropical hibiscus flower without a doubt come from and grow well in tropical places. It may grow in cold winter but the cold level is not in freezing level. This hibiscus is usually being associated with Hawaii.
This first type of hibiscus flower blooms nearly thorough the year. It has the ability to stand during the four seasons. Even in winter, it will still bloom as long as it is not freezing. It is always covered by green leaves. They may fall a few in a day but you won’t notice it since the clump is green the whole year. So, you will never see it dying in your garden.

Hibiscus Flower: Winter Hibiscus Flower
Although you live in places where the air is freezing, you also have the chances to enjoy the beauty of flowers especially hibiscus flower. It is because it is able to grow even in freezing lands. Winter hibiscus flower is known as hardy, winter-hardy and also perennial hibiscus. Most of these flowers originate from very cold places but some of them come from warmer places like America.

Similar with the previous type, this flower grows well in its own climate and can stand hot climate. Being able to survive in freezing place does not mean that it blooms during winter. All plants are concealing themselves during winter including this flower. In winter, it will keep itself under the ground. They won’t die, they just hide for a while. In spring, they will emerge from the ground and begin “a new life”. Different from the first category, this hibiscus flower bloom in a short period only from late summer to early autumn.

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