How to Grow Viburnum Planting Stage


In growing plant, the first step that you will undergo is the planting step and here I will share to you of what you should do in the planting stage of how to grow viburnum. Growing viburnum is easy and when it grow, it is also easy to care and only requires a little of your attention. Viburnum is also called as American cranberry bush, European cranberry bush and hobblebush. All parts of this plant become its attraction including the flowers, the fruits, the leaves and also the shape. The leaves are colorful decorating the berries which are colorful too. The berries come in red, yellow, blue and black. Viburnum blooms from mid spring to late spring. Having so much attraction and easy to care, viburnum is a good choice for you and below are the steps of how to grow viburnum Planting stage.

How to Grow Viburnum: Preparing to Plant Viburnum
The first stage of this first step of how to grow viburnum is preparation for the planting. Preparing to plant viburnum includes the preparation of the viburnum that you want to plant and the area where you want to plant it. First, you have to prepare the plant. It may be a difficult task since you have to choose and decide which viburnum that you will plant among so many varieties. However, it is also a good chance for you because you have the freedom to choose among those many attractive varieties.

After deciding the viburnum that you want to beautifully your place, now it is the time for the second stage of how to grow viburnum that is to decide where you will plant that lovely viburnum. You can plant it in any part of your house as long as the area is well-drained and moist. The area should also give your viburnum the sunlight that it needs. It may partial or full sunlight for it to grow.

How to Grow Viburnum: Planting Viburnum
Choosing the viburnum and the area is done. The next in how to grow viburnum will be planting the chosen viburnum in the selected area. The best in planting viburnum is spring. In planting the viburnum, you should dig the hole deep and large enough to burn the root ball. After that, you can fill the hole until a half full and water it before you fill it until full.

Next, you should add mulch on your planting area. The function of the mulch is to hold the moisture, to cool the ground, and to prevent the weeds to grow and disturb the growth of the viburnum. That’s all you need to do in the planting stage of how to grow viburnum.

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