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Ideal Growing Conditions of Gladiolus


Gladiolus or seasonal flower includes a species that can be propagated either through generative (seeds) and vegetative (bulbs, tissue culture). Breeding via tubers is more commonly used because the result is better. Seeds take a long time and are usually intended to obtain new cultivars.  Gladiolus is easy and fast growing. The success rate of planting gladiolus bulbs reaches 90%. However, the ideal growing conditions must be met also.

Cool climate in the highlands around 500 – 1500 meters above sea level is the best place to grow. The average temperature should be 10-27 ° C.  Sometimes it can adapt to higher temperatures when the humidity is maintained. Rainfall should be 2000 – 2500 mm / yr. this plant loves sun but it does not like rain. In our country, gladiolus can be grown throughout the year. Gladiolus bulbs or corms are shaped like an onion slightly flattened. To plant gladiolus, choose bulbs with diameter of 2.5 – 3 cm and having dense texture. Small bulbs <2 cm can grow also but it is not yet ready to bloom. Therefore, you need to enlarge the tuber cultivation first, interrupted with a dormancy period of about 3 months.

Before planting, prepare the first container and cropping media. If in pots, use pots with standard height around 30 cm. Fill the bottom layer with gravel or shredded brick so the shaft is not submerged and keep the tubers to rot. You can use soil mixed with compost. You should also add a little sand. Do not use wet compost or other organic fertilizers. After that, you can start to plant the gladiolus. Remove the bulb-like wrapping layer of onion skin. Wash and clean the bulbs. Soak bulbs about 2-3 hours in the water, if necessary add a preventive fungicide so it will not be attacked by fungus. You have to plant the bulbs immediately. Although planted on the surface, the tubers will grow. I suggest you to plant deeper (5-7 cm from the surface) so the stem has more sturdy leaves and the flowers will not easily collapse.

After the gladiolus blooming in the pot, you can continue next planting bulbs with an interval of 2 weeks. Dig slowly because the roots are growing underneath. Water it two or once a day. Once it is flowering, let the plants remain in the pot until the leaves begin to turn yellow. Unload new tubers around the old bulbs. Separate by size. Rinse for several days, continue with cold treatment.

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