Impatients Seeds and Plants Planting and Caring


You have impatients seeds and plants in your home and you want to do something about them. For your seeds, you can plant them in your garden to add more flowers. For the plants, of course you have to take care of them so they will grow well and bloom beautifully. If you do not know of how to plant impatients from seeds or how to take care of the plants, here are some tips for you dealing with impatients seeds and plants. First, I will share information on growing impatients from seeds after that I will let you know of how to care impatients plants.

Impatients Seeds and Plants: Planting Impatients seed
Planting impatients seeds will be the first part of this writing about impatients seeds and plants. Actually, growing impatients from seeds is a little bit difficult. However, you can do that well with the help of TLC. What you need for planting impatients seeds is warm soil. The soil should be about 75 ° F. It is important to remember that the temperature should be constant from time to time and it is the temperature for the soil not the room. If you do not maintain the temperature of the soil, the seeds won’t grow. In good condition, the seeds will sprout in 5 until7 days.
To plant the seeds, first you should prepare the flats or pots and fill them until full. After that, water the soil mixture. Next, you can sow the seeds and press them into the mixture. The important thing to note is you shouldn’t cover the seeds with the mixture. You should cover it with plastic to keep the humidity. For them to grow well, you should put them in place where they get full sunlight and temperature should be maintained between 75 and 78 ° F. Those are what you should do in this first part of impatients seeds and plants.

Impatients Seeds and Plants: Caring Impatients Plants
In this second part of impatients seeds and plants, I will share of how to care your impatients plants. Caring impatients plants deals a lot with watering. It is because impatients love water very much. They will grow well in moist soil but not wet. When the surface of the soil looks dry, you have to water it directly before the root zone gets dry as well. Container impatients need more water than garden impatients. Therefore, if you plant them in pots, you should pay more attention to the watering.

In caring the plants, you can add mulch to help maintaining the moisture and the soil cool. It can also be used to prevent the growth of the weeds. If the weeds still grow, you should pull them. Every plant needs fertilizer but it is a little bit different with impatients. For impatients in container, you may fertilize them regularly every two weeks. However, if you plant them in the garden, you do not need to fertilize them as well-regulated as the impatients in container. There are still many things you can do in caring the impatients but those two in this impatients seeds and plants will be enough to help your impatients grow well.

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