Iris Flower: Good Meaning with Good Care


Iris flower has the subspecies about 260-300. The plants are identical with flower. The colors are various. It can be seen from the original name of it that comes from Greek which is meant the rainbow. This becomes a popular in plant for the garden. The examples of the species are Belamcanda, Pardanthopis and Hermodactylus. They characterized as perennial. They have erect stem that is long. The colors those usually appeared are multicolor, blue, orange, pink, and white.

The Iris flower
Iris flower is loved and adored because of the name that is full of goodness. The Iris flower meaning usually refers to wisdom, friendship, love and faith. It also becomes the inspiration of royal family symbol in France. And all citizens know this symbol because it is the state symbol. In Chinese, it is well-known as the purple butterfly wings because the shape and the color remind us to the wings of a butterfly.

The arrangement of the Iris flower contains six lobes those are same in size (symmetrical). The shape is like fan. It has three sepals which lie under the main parts. This kind of plant is the real example of the relation between pollinating insect with the flowering plants. The position is very strategic for insect to land on it.

Dealing with Iris flower
Iris flower can live on any soil. It can live in the loamy and sandy soils. The season to grow this is summer. Most gardeners want this plant to be the one kind of their collections. To plant this perennial, first you should know that it needs drained soil to grow with 6 hours of sunlight. It is better to use fertile and normal soils. But if you have the acidic one, you can put lime on it to make sweet. For some species, it is not good not to be shared by other. Provide some compost to help it healthy. The best time to plant iris flower is in the mid to the end of summer. After that, you will do the best Iris flower care. Don’t apply fertilizer that contains high nitrogen. Avoid cutting the leaves. The leaves have an important role in photosynthesis. Cutting it means damaging it.

Goddess plants with a very good image grow on the ground. It means that a good thing actually can come from anything. With this analogy, you don’t have to be worried about who and what you are. Just like iris flower that is great but come from the land.

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