Lavender: Take Care the Loyalty Meaning Flower


Lavender grows in barren west. However the place that is considered as the best is the south. It can grow in high humidity. This plant is popular. Many book authors use it to name their books. One of the famous books is The Lavender Flower which comes with romance theme. Dorothy Rixon wrote this book. The design of the book cover is full of this blossom with a bed and woman on it.

Lavender as a Symbol
Flowers have their own languages. So does lavender. People use them to symbolize images of the human being. The Lavender meaning is commonly considered as a symbol of love, affection, allegiance and loyalty. The other specific characteristics are silent, cautious and pure. There is a different purpose if the blossom is provided as a gift. Giving it means praying that the person whom you give will have ‘luck.’ Sometimes people interpret it like a new adventure.
The different symbolization also got from the color of the bloom. The lavender color represents femininity. The particular characters of femininity are unique, elegant, graceful, romance. The other images those are tightly bounded are wealth, luxury and prudence. In relation to the psychological thing, this color can give quiet and can reduce stress.

Lavender: How to Look After It
Lavender has good aromatic fragrance that makes it so popular in the gardening world. The popularity is almost the same with those perennial plants. The beauty is often used to dye the garden and mixed with other potpourris. To have a good lavender care, there are several things to be noticed. It needs full sun. It is resistant to the drought. However, enough water can keep them blooming. The lean soil is best for it. It means you do not have to spend much money on buying fertilizer. Insects usually not interested this flower because flowers and leaves having oil. The problem is fungus. However to treat it from fungus is pretty easy. Just let your plant breath with good air circulation.

Roses, daisies, catmints and geranium are the friends of it. It usually used as a complement. Keeping it as your garden decoration is not too difficult. You just notice the milestone. Avoid cutting back stem in fall. Watch the fungus attack in the summer. Shear the plant after the process of flowering finished in spring. Mulch the blossoming area in mid spring. Then the lavender, your love, quiet, luxurious symbol will be happy to be around you.

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