Orchidaceae family The Second Biggest Flowers Family


The Orchidaceae family or we commonly call it as orchid is the second biggest family of flowers as this family has a really huge number of variety of flowers. There are about 21,950 species are registered under the orchid family. This number is twice as much as bird family and about four time of the number of mammals. The variety of flower is even added with about 100,000 hybrids and cultivate in the world.

Orchidaceae family Overview
This Orchidaceae family comes from ancient greek that means the shape of the root. This family was introduced by John Lindley in 1845. In Greek mythology Orchis is the son of satyr and nymph and because of the kindness of the God, orchid becomes a flower. This flower is mostly found in the tropical country mostly in Asia, Central America and South America. There are also a lot that found in southern and northern part of the world.

Orchidaceae family features
The Orchidaceae family flower is all perennial herbs and can grow in two ways. The first one is called monopodial or growing from a single bud and the stem grows from the leaves that added each year. An example of this kind of Orchidaceae family is vanda and vanilla. The second way is sympodial. This orchid produces adjacent shoots that can grow and bloom and then stop growing. This then will be replaced with another adjacent. This will follow the surface where the orchid grows.

The leaves of these Orchidaceae family plants mostly are simple with parallel veins. There are a lot of varieties on this like ovate, orbiculate or lanceolate. The leaves usually do not have stipules and have siliceous body which is called as stegmata in the bundle of vascular. The flower of this plants come in a group of flowers and the petal design can cost really high depend on the pattern and rarity of Orchidaceae family.

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