Peony Flower Types Based on Its Petals


Peony flower is popular as one of the most beautiful flower for our garden. It is fragrant and the appearance is very attracting. The flower is large. It makes it requires special treatment so the stem will be able to bear the flower. However, this flower is hardy flower. Peony flowers comes in many colors including white, orange, yellow, pink, red, blue, etc. There are so many varieties that make it very possible for you to have one of them to complete your flower collection to occupy your garden. Although it consists of so many types, by looking at the petal, we can group them into single and double peony.

Peony Flower: Single Peony Flower
Based on the number of petal layers, we can categorize peony flower into two. The first one is single peony flower. It is called as single pony because it has only a single row of large petals. The petals usually consist of five petals or more than that.

The petals are usually called as guards. They are named as guard petals. Such name is given because they surround a center of stamens. The stamens have pollen bearing anthers. That is the reason of the petals is called as guards. They keep the stamens in the middle. Kinds of peony flower that included in this category are dad, Athena, scarlet O’Hara, crinkled white, sea shell, and imperial red.

Peony Flower: Double Peony Flower
The second categorization of peony flower is double peony. If single peony has single row only, this second peony just as it name has double petals. Double peony flower can still be divided into 4. They are Japanese type, semi double, bomb double and full double. They are just like the representation of the beginning of the doubling until the complete one.

The first one is Japanese. Although it is called as Japanese type, it is not originated from japan. However, many Japanese adore that. This type has its stamens transform into narrow petals and they do not bear the pollen anymore. The second one is semi double peony. In this type, the flower has more than one row of petals in different widths. It is still have its crowns. The next type is bomb type peony. The carpels and stamens turn to be broader petals but still can be differentiated from the guard petals. It has crown anymore. The last type is full double. Full double peony flower has its carpels and stamens completely grow to be the similar petals as the guard petals.

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