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Among many favorite flowers, petunia flower becomes one of those beloved flowers. As the time goes by, petunia has been hybridized so that it offers many choices for you who like flowers especially petunia. You can find any varieties of petunia with their own characteristics. There is petunia that has single and also double blooms. Some of them have ruffled petals while the others have smooth petals. The varieties also exist in the colors. Some flowers are in solid colors. However, there are also those in striped and veined colors. There are still many varieties of petunia that you can meet out there and we can categorize them into four categories by the size of the flowers. From those four categories, I will comprise them into two categories, petunia flower with large flower and small flower.

Petunia Flower: Petunia with Large Flower
There are two categories of petunia flower that are belonging to petunia flower large flower. They are grandiflora and hedgiflora. Petunia that has the largest flowers belongs to grandiflora. The diameter of the flowers can reach 4”. Besides having the largest flowers, grandiflora also the champion of having the largest forms and colors. However, it is also the winner of getting easy to damage by the heavy rain. Based on the colors, we can classify grandifora into four types which are daddy series that come in pink and purple, merlin blue morn that comes in blue and white, and supercade and ultra-series that come in many colors.

The second one is hedgiflora or also known for spreading petunias which are able to part of the ground. Hedgiflora also has large spreading area until 3 or 4 feet. The height of this flower is about 6”. Kinds of petunia flower that belong to this type are purple wave, tidal wave, surfinia, and opera supreme. Opera supreme is the one with large flowers.

Petunia Flower: Petunia with Small Flower
Multiflora and milliflora is petunia flower that are included as petunia flower small flower. Multiflora flowers diameter is 2”. Unlike grandiflora, this type is strong enough to stand for heavy rain. Carpet series and madness series are the example of multiflora. They have many colors and spread in good speed.

The last one is milliflora which is the smallest kind of petunia. They are only about 1”. The best value of this category is it is able to survive in bad weather. The ability is better than those grandiflora and multilora. The kinds of this petunia flower are fantasy and supertunia mini series.

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