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Roses flower becomes the most popular flower around the world. It is used for many purposes. The most common one is as the symbol of love (red rose). It is loved by any people because of its various colors, forms, size and fragrant. You can find roses in red, pink, yellow, white, black, purple, etc. Roses can also grow highly but there are also that are short. There are indeed lots of roses’ varieties. Among those may types, there are two which are so natural, the growth and the name.

Roses Flower: Species Roses Flower
This flower is a kind of roses flower that grows naturally along the Northern hemisphere. It is often called as wild roses. There are various kinds of roses belong to this group. Species roses flower has good ability to survive facing the hard condition and seasons. It also is able to grow in minimalist environment. It has good resistance towards disease. Although, it is different between one rose and the others.

Commonly, this rose has simple five petals. Although there are also those that have small petals in clusters. The colors are varied including, white, pink, and crimson. Nearly all of them bloom once only in a year that is in the beginning of summer season. Rosa rugosa is the kind of this roses flower that is commonly sold. It is because it has great disease resistance, hardiness and easy to take care of.

Roses Flower: Shrub Roses Flower
This type of roses flower has a unique name that is shrub. It is very popular now since it offers many attractions. Shrub roses flower is best known for its hardiness and disease resistance. It is also easy to grow. People usually choose to plant this rose in areas besides their garden. This rose is commonly used for border mixed with other flowers. Since it is good for landscaping, it is also used for landscape edges and also for large landscaping. It is a good choice for large landscaping because it offers many choices of colors and shapes.

You can choose both old and modern shrub roses. The old ones are tall and may reach 6 feet. Therefore, it needs more space. Meanwhile, the modern ones are more compact. However, it does not mean that they are not as good as the old ones. Both old and modern shrub roses are hardy and have good disease resistance. Both of that roses flower also blooms thorough the summer and provide you with nice fragrant.


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