Several Stages of Planting Calla Flower


Lily is derived from the Latin from the Greek word, leirion. White color of Calla flower looks pure. It is large and small, curved with a beautiful and graceful shape. When blooming, it always opens perfectly. The scent is soft, makes the heart calm. There are several stages in the cultivation of flower.

The first is selection of seed. After harvest, seed tubers have to be planted and immediately planted by selecting bulbs that do not have an outer layer called the tunic. This tunic protects the tubers from the drought. The faster lily bulbs planted is the faster growth. The second is making hole to plant. Lily loves the sun but the tuber likes cold throughout the summer. Dig a hole as deep as 10-15 cm. The deeper is the better. It does not only protect the tubers from the heat but also will provide a good buffer for Calla flower stems. Lily can be planted also in the ground. Plant it in the ground and cover with soil above 10-15 cm. This way will also help for better drainage. A spacing about 15 cm makes the sunlight not blocked. The soil in the bottom will make it grow well. After that, place the lily bulbs and cover with soil or compost. Water it until the soil becoming moist. It makes the growth encouraged.

The third is mulch phase. If the air temperature is too cool or hot, put a layer of mulch over the plants to protect roots. Trumpet lily is most susceptible to cold. Make sure the mulch that you use free of snails. These animals love to eat newly grown lily. After that is fertilization. When lily roots begin to grow, add a balanced fertilizer into the soil. Calla flower is a strong plant. It does not require a lot of fertilizer. In fact, too much nitrogen can cause the rods weak. In hot temperatures will also cause the decay of the bulbs. For optimal results, choose a fertilizer used for root crops such as potatoes. Fertilize when the roots begin to grow at the first time.

The next is watering phase. Calla flower generally does not require too much water. Therefore, give water only if necessary. It can bloom in hot and dry weather as long as enough water during flowering. To trim the lily plant, first spray the leaves with a fungicide rose. You can buy it at the grocery store or hardware store crops. Cut 1/3 flower stems together and let the rest continue to grow in the ground. By doing so, lily bulbs will still get the nutrients needed to produce flowers again next year.

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