Stargazer Lily Care and Growing Tips for Beautiful garden


Many people are interested in stargazer lily because of its beauty and fragrant and they want to plant them so they need stargazer lily care and growing tips. This flower indeed had great attraction. It star shaped in pink and white is just so beautiful. It also has nice fragrant. Stargazer lily is actually easy to plant. Caring for this flower is also not too difficult. Even so, you may still need stargazer lily care and growing tips so you can get a nice result. When you take care of your lily properly, you will repay you with its beauty and great aroma. Here are two gardening tips for healthy stargazer lily.

Stargazer Lily Care and Growing Tips: Sunlight
The fist of stargazer lily care and growing tips is concerned with the portion of the sunlight that it should have. Stargazer lily is best to be plant outdoor. Therefore they can get a full sunlight. However, for healthy stargazer lily, you may not just let it get the direct sun light all the time. It is good for it to have the morning sun light. In the afternoon, it will better for it to stay in the shade. So, for outdoor lily, make sure that you plant them in a place where it can achieve that. One more, although its upper parts need the sun light a lot, you should keep the root cool. You can achieve that by growing plants beside the lily or using mulch.

Meanwhile, for indoor planting, it is different from the outdoor lily. You should keep the temperature constant day and night for potted lily. The placing of the pot whether it is near heater or ac and window or not will affect the growth very much. Dealing with sun light, stargazer lily care and growing tips for indoor lily is you have to give your lily indirect sunlight at least 6 hours in a day for it to grow normally.

Stargazer Lily Care and Growing Tips: Watering
Watering the stargazer lily correctly is the next stargazer lily care and growing tips. If you do not do the watering regularly, it will give bad effect to your stargazer lily. Watering should be done whenever the soil dry. It may be an easy matter but there are some things that you have to pay attention. That is why you need gardening tips for beautiful stargazer lily. So, you won’t ruin this amazing flower.

In watering stargazer lily, the water should not be too much or too little either. If it is too much, the soil will be soggy and causes the bulb to root. It may also attracted pests that will be dangerous for your lily. On the other hand, too little will make the bulb dry out. This stargazer lily care and growing tips is for both indoor and outdoor stargazer lily.