Sunflowers Varieties of All Flowering Seasons


There are so many sunflowers varieties which spread around the world. The reason of why there are so many varieties is many are because it is a kind of plant that is easy to grow. Therefore, the gardener can develop many new varieties. They may want to create the new better varieties because sunflower is one of the most popular and beloved flower. They are usually associated with happiness and cheerfulness. Its bright and nice colors become its attraction. Among that many sunflowers varieties, the ones that we usually know are those who belong to annual flower. Besides annual sunflowers, there are also those which are perennial. Below, I will give you slight information of the sunflowers that belong to annual and perennial type.

Sunflowers Varieties: Perennial Sunflower Varieties
Sunflowers varieties which are perennial sunflowers or helianthus multiflorous will bloom again and again from the same plant. Therefore, you do not need to plant the new plant over and over. You can identify these flowers by their small seed head. They grow slower than the annual ones and in clumps. They will bloom at least two years after being planted.

The example of sunflowers varieties that are perennial sunflower varieties are helianthus maximillianii, helianthus angustifolius, and helianthus divaricatus. The first one can reach 10 feet. It flower heads are about 3”. The second one prefers moist place. You can also plant it in dry soil but it won’t grow as good as if you plant it in moist soil. The last one is also called as woodland sunflower. Its height can reach to 6 feet. It blooms in July to September.

Sunflower Varieties: Annual Sunflower Varieties
Different from perennial sunflower, if you plant annual sunflower varieties, you have to replant the sunflower every year. Its biological name is helianthus annuus. Sunflower varieties that are annual ay have large and small seed heads. They grow rapidly and will bloom directly in the year they are planted. Unlike perennial sunflowers, these flowers grow in single stem only.

There are many varieties that are annual such as helianthus debilis (vanilla ice), helianthus annuus sunny smile, cocoa sun, moonshadow, Russian mammoth, etc. The Russian mammoth flowers can reach to 14”. You may have to help the young stalks to keep stand. If we usually find giant sunflower, there are also dwarf sunflower like cocoa sun. Its height only 10” to 12”. The most beautiful dwarf sunflower is the sunny smile. It does not need staking and can be brought inside. It is one of the best sunflower varieties for you

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