Sweet Pea: Unique Fragrant Perfume with Good Review


Sweet pea is in the Lathyru’s genus. This belongs to the Fabaceae family. The plant originally comes from Aegean Sicily and southern Italy. The physical characteristic of this bloom is having height about 100-200 centimeters. It has pinnate leaves. The structures of this plant make it possible to climb (as it also known as climbing botany). The color of the flower toned purple. It grows annually with various colors in different quality of the soil.

Sweet Pea Propagation
The sweet pea flower has been known and propagated since before the 18the century. The first propagation mostly done because the cultivars want the color and the existence of a unique fragrance. This unique fragrance later inspired perfume maker to make sweet pea perfume. The plants are cultivated for private need and also for floral exhibition. Then the trade of this flora started to spread. In the two seasons, autumn and spring, the large seeds are shown. The seeds are being used for planting.

Sweet pea cannot survive from some unwanted insects. Aphid is one of the insects. It attacks the plant through sucking the sap. The effect of the less sap is the growth that becomes slow. The other disease is mosaic virus. The animal that brings this virus in greenfly. The effects of being attacked by this disease are new shoots distortion, flowering difficulties, and the abnormal colored leaves (yellow).

Sweet Pea, Sweet Fragrance
The great side of the sweet pea is its amazing features! You’ve seen many flowers in the world. Sometimes the view is gorgeous but not the smell. Alternatively, the view is not so attractive but the scent is fragrant. This blossom has the complete two things. It amuses us with an elegant look and unique scent. The beauty also represents the scent. When dealing with this bloom, the good sweet pea review spread all over the world. The predicate of this botany expressed as “Queen of Annual” with April month as the associated month. If we back to school once again to restudy about biology, we can reveal from the book we use that the genetic work in early time mostly using sweet pea.

After the 18th century and 20the century (early) the next study about hybrids was inspired by the work on this flora. The sensation of the study, beauty and the aroma are completely got from just one source. How happy we are to know this bloom. The good news is the study of cultivation has been developed so we just follow the instruction to raise sweet pea.

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